Buying a console this holiday season? Get a handheld


Are you thinking about buying a gaming console to put under the tree for you or your loved one this holiday season? Hear me out for a second, because I’ll let you in on an important piece of advice: Skip the PS4 and the Xbox One this season, and grab yourself a handheld gaming device instead.

I know, I know: This goes against everything that traditional gaming advocates say about having the latest and greatest console. A handheld certainly won’t make your neighbors gasp in awe or make your hair whoosh back with the sheer thrill of next-generation technology, but if you actually want to have something you can play the day after Christmas, then snagging a Nintendo 2DS, Nintendo 3DS or a PlayStation Vita will bring you a significant amount of bang for your buck.

Here are a few important reasons why grabbing a handheld may be the best…

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How telcos and little guys can win in the cloud: 5 tips from CenturyLink’s cloud CTO


When CenturyLink bought cloud startup Tier3 for $200 million earlier this month, it acquired a technology platform and a group of people that should let the telecommunications giant take full advantage of its dozens of data centers and expansive fiber network. The man heading up that effort is Jared Wray, the founder and CTO of Tier3 who’s now the CTO for cloud computing at CenturyLink, and he came on the Structure Show podcast this week to share his thoughts on evolving from being a small cloud provider into, potentially, a very large one.

Here are some highlights of our interview with Wray, centered around his thoughts on what it will take for other cloud providers to finally emerge from the shadows of Amazon Web Services, Microsoft and Google. If you want to hear about CenturyLink’s plan for building a single cloud platform out of its Tier3, AppFog and Savvis acquisitions, or…

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The 12 gift iDeas of Christmas


With Apple’s iPhone being the most sought after gift for teenagers followed by the iPad, and with more than 700 million iOS devices sold since their debut, you are bound to know someone on your Christmas list that would appreciate one of the following this holiday season. These twelve gift ideas help accentuate some of the most used features of Apple’s iPhone and iPad devices.

The 12 Gift iDeas of Christmas

Monopod and an iPhone Camera Mount – As iPhones transition from being an everyday camera into the only camera that one owns, accessories that were once reserved for high-end cameras start to make sense to use with your iPhone. One such accessory is a camera mount and monopod. Monopods are much more portable than tripods and prove to be easier to use when taking video. The iStabilizer Monopod for $35 will make taking long videos at school plays and sporting events much easier…

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The sorry state of server utilization and the impending post-hypervisor era


Want to know a deep dark secret in the enterprise? Despite the widespread use of server virtualization, hardware resources in the data center are today tremendously underutilized. When I first discovered this, I was surprised. I had naively thought that virtualization solved the server utilization problem.

But after I reached out to contacts in data-center operations at various companies, I learned that I was wrong. One conversation really stuck with me. I’ll paraphase:

Me: Do you track server and CPU utilization?
Wall Street IT Guru: Yes
Me: So it’s a metric you report on with other infrastructure KPIs?
Wall Street IT Guru: No way, we don’t put it in reports. If people knew how low it really is, we’d all get fired.

While exact figures vary greatly depending the type of hardware being used in a data center, its specific characteristics and the peak-to-average ratio of…

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Dream Impossible–Conquered!

Color My Palate

Eight days before November 1st, I made a commitment to attempt NaBloPoMo.  I was scared, anxious, excited.  I wondered if anyone would actually care and read this blog.  I wondered if I was a writer at all.  Thirty days later, I have proof that I am a writer.  When I was in graduate school, one of my instructors wrote a book in which he said, “Everyone who writes is in the process of becoming a writer.”  It was the most freeing words I’d heard, ever.  Before that period, I had an extremely low self-esteem about my abilities as a writer.  Thanks to this challenge, my self-esteem as a writer has grown.

What I learned and accomplished in the past 30 days is:

1.  I am a writer.

2.  Others did read it, in fact I went from a strong 25 followers to 578!

3.  I got Freshly Pressed.

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