Two Half Days Equals Friendsgiving

Mad Man Knitting

IMG_0086IMG_0003IMG_0013IMG_0018IMG_0019IMG_0020   IMG_0092IMG_0109Sorry I haven’t blogged more than I have lately, but at this time of year there really isn’t much to report. Wake, knit, sleep, eat, knit. Christmas is coming and I have tons and I do mean TONS of bears to knit up before then. So, there isn’t too much to say. “Hey, ya’ll….I’m knitting. KNITTING…..WORKING.”

I went a full week without shaving. Its a system I have. If it doesn’t involve me working up teddy bears, then it doesn’t belong. I wake and I work. And I love it.

So, there hasn’t been too much to write about in this strange little life of mine…..until I decided to take two half days off. I can’t take a full day off, so I decided to take two half days. And what would I do? As many of you know, those that have read this blog from the beginning, I…

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