Penda Health: Benefits of For-Profit Family Planning

Girls' Globe

By: Nicholas Sowden, Co-Founder, Penda Health

Recently, at the International Family Planning Conference in Ethiopia, I learned lots of great lessons. One contribution I’d like to make is about an important and rarely discussed topic: What women want when it comes to Family Planning.

At Penda Health we’ve discovered a way to learn really quickly want women want. How? We sell our family planning services instead of giving them away for free (or highly subsidized prices).

I find that if you give someone free services, they will often take them whether they like them or not. And they definitely won’t feel the right to complain. After all, it’s free.

This changes fast when you ask women to pay. Suddenly they are transformed into entitled, demanding and shrewd customers that ask questions and speak up (often loudly), when something isn’t going right. And well, they should. It’s their families they’re planning!…

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