How telcos and little guys can win in the cloud: 5 tips from CenturyLink’s cloud CTO


When CenturyLink bought cloud startup Tier3 for $200 million earlier this month, it acquired a technology platform and a group of people that should let the telecommunications giant take full advantage of its dozens of data centers and expansive fiber network. The man heading up that effort is Jared Wray, the founder and CTO of Tier3 who’s now the CTO for cloud computing at CenturyLink, and he came on the Structure Show podcast this week to share his thoughts on evolving from being a small cloud provider into, potentially, a very large one.

Here are some highlights of our interview with Wray, centered around his thoughts on what it will take for other cloud providers to finally emerge from the shadows of Amazon Web Services, Microsoft and Google. If you want to hear about CenturyLink’s plan for building a single cloud platform out of its Tier3, AppFog and Savvis acquisitions, or…

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