Google files for patent on automated status updates to other social networks


In the dystopian novel The Circle, Google(s goog) and Facebook(s fb) have merged with other big tech companies to create a single, all-seeing and all-knowing social network. The work is fiction but a new patent application published last week makes the situation slightly less far-fetched.

In the application, Google describes a way to collect disparate messages from other applications — everything from social networks to email to SMS — and suggest an automatic answer. The idea is to help users make sure they don’t miss a message, and to save them time in responding to others’ “I got a new job” or “I’m having a baby” status updates.

Here’s how Google describes its proposed invention :

Many users use online social networking for both professional and personal uses […] It is extremely important for the users to act in an adequate manner depending upon which social network on…

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