Android this week: HTC One Max reviewed; Moto G coming; Android pics improving


Got big pockets? If so, the HTC One Max might appeal thanks to its 5.9-inch display. Of course, there’s more to the Android-powered(s goog) One Max than the 1080p screen; the entire phone measures 6.47 by 3.24 by 0.40 inches and weighs 7.65 ounces.

HTC One Max display

My colleague Alex Colon reviewed the phone, which at first glance, looks like a super-sized version of the popular HTC One. That may not be a good thing however because the extra size of the One Max seems to add little value:

“The problem is, HTC doesn’t really offer much in the way to do with all that additional display. Don’t get me wrong, watching Netflix and YouTube here is glorious. When you factor in the phone’s ‘BoomSound’ front-facing speakers – which rival some of the portable speaker options I’ve heard – it is clear that the One Max is a multimedia machine. But Samsung went the…

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